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It’s winter, and with our recent mild days, many residents of Chestermere have been out enjoying winter activities. Skating on the city’s ice rinks and on Chestermere Lake is very popular. Unfortunately, some people have also been using storm ponds to skate. The city is reminding residents that this can be very unsafe, and there are bylaws against it.

In Kinniburgh South, we are lucky to have our own city-maintained on-land skating rink available to everyone. This skating rink is one of 4 on-land rinks in the city. In addition, there are 9 rinks maintained on Chestermere Lake through the winter.

What are Storm Ponds?

While the storm ponds and canals in our community make for attractive views, they also serve a purpose with infrastructure in the community and freeze very differently than Chestermere Lake. While residents can enjoy walks around the ponds and canals, along our community’s pathway system, everyone is urged to stay safe and off the storm ponds.

“Storm ponds are not natural ponds,” says Bernie Morton, the City’s Chief Administrative Officer. “They are engineered facilities that have water consistently running below the ice. That water, containing a multitude of contaminants, weakens the ice considerably and makes these structures incredibly unsafe for recreational purposes.”

Phase 2B is now under construction in Kinniburgh South, and we’ll welcome new families to the community in 2021. We want everyone to enjoy all of the wonderful amenities safely!  We thank the City of Chestermere for working to educate the community about the risks of storm ponds, and about all of the available safe and monitored spaces to skate this winter.

Get outside with the family and enjoy these winter activities!

Posted Jan. 21, 2021