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Finding the right neighbourhood to settle down in is a key part in the moving process. You’ll want to find a place that suits your lifestyle and needs. Here are a few reasons why Kinniburgh South is a wonderful place to move.


There is a K-9 school within walking distance of the neighbourhood. There are also many Catholic and public elementary, middle, and high schools in Chestermere. This makes the area a great place for growing families or those who want to start a family.

Outdoor Activities

The many outdoor activities encourage an active lifestyle The sports field, bike park, and lake is just a few of the fun ways to get outside. The lake can be used for Summer activities as well as Winter.

Sense of Community

Get involved in the community thanks to the many programs.  There is a variety of programs for children, youth, and adults, so there is something for everyone. These programs are a great way to meet and get to know people in the area.

You should be proud to call your neighbourhood home! We hope you enjoyed these qualities of Kinniburgh South. What qualities do you think a neighbourhood needs to be a great place to call home?