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 There are many ways to conserve energy in your home and keep the costs down, consider these common and simple ways to save.


Wash Clothes in Cold Water

When you wash in cold water, the washing machine uses less energy which costs less money! Washing in cold water also preserves fabric colour. Purchase a detergent that is specific for cold washes.

Switch to LED Bulbs

It is a small change that your wallet will thank you for. LED bulbs use roughly 50% less electricity than traditional options. If you don’t want to make the full switch, replace your 5 most-used light fixtures with LED bulbs.

Take Shorter Showers

This tip seems obvious! Did you know that a typical shower head gushes out 9.4 litres of water per minute? Install a low-flow shower-head if you don’t want to give up longer showers.

We hope you consider these ideas. What are some ways you conserve energy in your home?