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Are you guilty of hoarding old papers, old clothes, or other things that just take up too much space in your home? Follow these steps to get rid of that unwanted clutter.


Shoes or Clothing You Haven’t Worn for a Year

Donate or sell gently used clothing and shoes. If the item is worn out or damaged beyond repair, just toss it. Your closet will thank you.


Expire Food and Spices

Most ground spices should be replaced after 12 months. Give each spice a scent test. If there is no scent then there will be no flavour. Throw away canned goods past their expiration date. If you come across packaged food that is still good but you won’t eat it, donate to a food bank.


Receipts and Old Papers

Do you need to keep a receipt from a store from three years ago? Probably not! You might have a lot of old papers laying around as well. Shred the papers using a crosscut shredder to make sure no important information can be retrieved. This will clear up


A decluttered home can boost your mood and help you concentrate. We hope these quick tips can help.